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Multicultural Weddings FAQs



What is a multicultural wedding?

A multicultural wedding occurs when individuals of two or more varied cultural backgrounds unite in matrimony. 

What is an interfaith wedding?

An interfaith wedding occurs when individuals that profess different spiritual beliefs unite in marriage.

How do we incorporate our cultures while preserving our uniqueness as a couple?

During our initial planning session, I host an event discovery exercise. We discuss your wedding vision, likes, dislikes, religion, culture and interests.  This meeting will allow me to gain a keen understanding of your essence as a couple. We may identify areas where your preferences overlap and areas where they differ. During this exercise, I also compare your cultural and religious traditions in relation to your personal style. Later, I’ll devise a Cultural Synergy Proposal which will bridge the gap between your heritages and wedding elements. This is truly when my creative energy flourishes and you are able to witness your event coming to life.


How do we infuse culture without being overbearing?

I always advise my couples to consult family members and identify the most significant cultural traditions to include in the wedding ceremony or reception. It is very important that parents from both sides are embraced into the planning process at the very beginning. This will be an awesome way to display your consideration and respect for the families’ valued culture and perspective. Also, this is a great opportunity to bond and increase the comfort levels between families.  Ultimately, this is your wedding and as your planner, I will insure that your identity is not lost in the wedding details. During our planning process, we will determine how culturally-centric you want the event to be and what you want to infuse.  It is always our goal to deliver your day, your way!


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